Crider bio

Regina Crider

Interim Chair

Regina brings invaluable experience to this role as Interim Chair. Her passion for children’s mental health stems from her own child’s serious behavioral health needs and their navigation of education and mental health systems. As founder and Executive Director of the Youth and Family Peer Support Alliance, Regina is committed to equipping and empowering other parents to do the same for their own children. She works diligently to promote children’s mental health awareness, family-driven, youth-guided and culturally competent services and support for families and youth through her work with the Alliance and work on boards and commissions throughout the state. Most recently, Regina was also named Chair of the N.B. subcommittee with HFS, supporting the implementation of the Pathways to Success program.

Regina has been involved with ICMHP since 2020 and was formally appointed in July 2021. Most notably in that time, she Co-Chaired the Treatment Workgroup for the Children’s Mental Health Plan, ensuring lived experience and peer support remain vital priorities of the overall recommendations. In her time as Interim Chair, Regina will support our operational development and transition to the new requirements under the amended Children’s Mental Health Act (effective January 1, 2023).

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