Early Intervention Workgroup

Framework for Updated Plan

The plan will be developed through four workgroups. The workgroups are designed to address the unique needs that a child and their family face at different points of time on a mental health and wellness continuum and across systems. Their charge is as follows:

  • Create a series of cross-sector and interagency recommendations for how the State of Illinois can improve mental health and wellbeing for children and their families across the entire state. Each workgroup will incorporate the following themes in their recommendations: 1) diversity, equity, and inclusion 2) trauma 3) development and life course; 4) and needs in the public and private systems.

The following button titled “Member Resources” grants access to Early Intervention Workgroup Members to retrieve general information and background materials to help aid with the Plan development process. All meeting minutes and final materials developed by the Early Intervention workgroup will be accessible below.

Member Resources


Early Intervention is tasked with developing recommendations focused on mental health concerns as early in life as possible when early signs or symptoms have emerged, including how to best target those children and families at greatest risk for significant mental, behavioral, or development disorders.

Early Intervention Co-Chairs


Jennie Pinkwater, MNM *ICMHP Appointee
Executive Director
Illinois Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics (ICAAP)

Kristine Argue-Mason, MPA

Executive Director
Partnership for Resilience



225 E. Chicago Ave.
Box 153
Chicago, Illinois 60611
| 312-227-8124